Whitelist via Unisat

Setup Jacket Wallet to Join Whitelist

For pre-sale, follow these instructions through step 15 to guarantee a spot on the Initial Jacket Offering Whitelist

You will need:

  1. Desktop browser (Chrome, Edge)

  2. .005 Bitcoin

  3. 5 minutes

Step by Step Instructions

Step1: Install

Unisat Wallet Extension

Step2: Create

New wallet:

Step3: Password

Step4: Write Words

Write down recovery phrase. no. not like that.

use a secure password manager, or paper.

Step5: Taproot

Step6: Ok

warning. no rare sats.

Step7: Copy

Copy your ordinals address. This is your Sidepit Jacket Address.

Step8: Receive

Click Receive

Step9: Send BTC

Send .005 Bitcoin to your Jacket address.

Step10: Sending

Send from any wallet, even from exchanges such as Coinbase.

You now have money in your jacket wallet bitcoin address.

This is spendable, like regular bitcoin

Step11: Click Send:

Step12: Copy/Paste Sidepit Minting Address: Address link


Amount: .005

Custom Fee: 20

RBF: yes

Step12: Next

Step13: Ok

(low fee) Warning

Step14: Sign

and Pay

Step15: Done!

Step16: Jacket

Come back and see your freshly minted jacket!!

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