What is Sidepit DeFi, who is it for, and how you can become an early adopter

sidepit provides best-in-class quality trade executions for hedging or speculating on the US dollar price of bitcoin, without taking unnecessary risks. Traders' hot wallets, lock bitcoin at the open, sign buy/sell orders during market hours, and unlock profit/loss at the close, in a transparent, fair, competitive market, on a level playing field, like electronic open-outcry trading pits. Sidepit is a new kind of electronic exchange paradigm shift - a patented consensus auction mechanism recreating the Chicago trading pits to level the playing field while providing better pricing and stable execution.

How does it work?

All orders go into an executable pool, and an auction then takes place to order the transactions. Everyone bids based on the value of their order - to them. This happens once every second, so there’s a huge amount of time as compared to regular high frequency exchange (which runs at 1000-10000x times faster).

Market orders get paid to trade, democratizing your order flow. Buyers compete with each other for your order. High frequency traders cannot participate, which makes all orders real and attracts more liquidity, which leads to better pricing. Now, you can get your fill safely, at a better price, while avoiding high OTC fees, fragmented exchange order books, and flash crashes.

Institutional Infrastructure

Sidepit Technology offers a comprehensive infrastructure that enhances the quality of trade executions in real-time. Our solutions are available both as a service or on an à la carte basis, complete with full customization options. Additionally, we ensure compliance and regulatory flexibility, alongside providing robust antifragility features to safeguard your operations.

Taker Rebates

Sidepit pays you to trade with market orders by auctioning off your order flow with one second auctions, which is at the core of our *DLOB proprietary technology.

Bitcoin Yield - BTFD

As a bitcoin buyer of last resort, the Sidepit BTFD retail pool ( Buy The Freaking Dip ), provides yield in return for locking up your bitcoin for the purpose of front-running flash crashes in real time.

BTFD - retail product. earn btc yield on your bitcoin or your bitcoin back.

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