Setting up a bitcoin ordinals wallet for Jackets and trading on Sidepit

Your digital wallet is responsible for submitting transactions on your behalf. It is required in order to use Sidepit to deposit/withdraw/trade. Sidepit does not directly generate transactions on your behalf, we prompt your wallet with the information needed to sign your transactions. Crypto wallets keep your private keys (the passwords that give you access to your cryptocurrencies and assets) safe and accessible.

Instructions for setting up a wallet.

For generating an ordinals wallet address to receive your ordinals jacket.

Browser Extensions / Mobile Apps

Browser wallets and Mobile Apps are quick and easy way to generate an address and secure your keys.

Desktop Wallets

Sparrow Wallet - https://sparrowwallet.com/download/

Step by Step Example

Get your Ordinals Wallet ID with New Unisat wallet Setup! https://app.gitbook.com/o/pg4p0NLRrFXpnPSp4Wte/s/AJeOZxe3Lr4JUTSRy2Nj/~/changes/59/members/ordinals/whitelist-via-unisat#step-by-step-instructions

Past your Sidepit Ordinals wallet/jacket address when asked for whitelisting or trading on Sidepit!

Example address: bc1putthx4e4k4v879dt0cp2rwhrnzj3gz0ehxpgahu9exyrcskpha3stp2x0d

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