Initial Trading Jackets Offering

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3pm California - 6 pm New York - 12am London https://twitter.com/SidepitExchange

🎉 April 21, 2024, 3pm PT - Sidepit Bitcoin Halving Launch Party 🎉

Initial Jacket Offering

Member Jackets benefits: As a sidepit member, as a group, our goal is to create a positive sum community by providing Bitcoin liquidity. Liquidity Providers from AMMs and HFT market making bots, will be coming in the next wave, but without their physical advantages like today at centralized exchanges.

Mint Schedule

🧥 40 OG Jackets Mint (March 1) Completed (Sold Out)

🧥 1000 Chad Jackets Mint

  • Pre-Sale now open! (March 20, 2024)

  • Public Sale / Art Reveal at Halvening ( April 21 2024 )

Chad Jacket Mint

Minting 1000 ordinal Jackets for Sidepit membership - Bitcoin Halvening 2024


⚠️ read warning below ⚠️

Send .005 Bitcoin from your Ordinals Bitcoin Wallet to Sidepit Minting Engine: bc1pepkgjvzx5qfmkntmwdj2j8856zcmhxv7aa29e530eks84ysafe3q4tuw49

The Ordinal Jacket will be minted to the address that the bitcoin was sent from!

Only send from a self-custody ordinals wallet! Warning: a self-custody wallet is not enough!! ⚠️ ONLY SEND FROM AN ORDINALS ADDRESS WITH AN ORDINALS AWARE WALLET ⚠️ See instructions below on setting up a Unisat ordinals wallet, to 1) Receive Bitcoin into your ordinals Jacket wallet. 2) Send payment to Sidepit from your ordinals Jacket wallet. 3) Receive your Jacket into your ordinals Jacket wallet.

Step-by-step instructions for Pre-Sale:



Whitelist Jacket Price: .005 BTC

Public Sale

Public sale of remaining jackets will coincide with the Art reveal and will don via a public launch pad, and secondary markets, such as magiceden or ordzaar.

Public sale price: .0075 BTC

Art Reveal

Sidepit Trading Jackets are special "dynamic recursive inscriptions".

Initially your Sidepit jacket will display as Sidepit Logo with "Jacket #" text. At launch of Sidepit exchange, which is scheduled for the bitcoin halving (Mid-April 2024), new art will be revealed!

🖼️ Your jacket will automagically change in appearance with unique characteristics based on your jacket number!

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